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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  April 18, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, a building burns and flames fill the sky in delaware county. take a look at the size of the fire in chester. >> two hours later, firefighters are still on the scene.
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keith jones is also there live. what's the latest? >> reporter: firefighters are still attacking this thing. they just stopped from the air. take a look at all these trucks. one, two, three, four ladders all around this commercial building. i want to show you, too, at one point a jump to an abandoned building that is right next door as the camera continues to pan across third street. firefighters busted out windows and one got caught up in the flames thanks to video posted to social media. [ bleep ]. >> i was talking with that firefighter's colleagues here. he is okay but this commercial building was filled with mattresses. that made the fire much more difficult to control and i want you to take a look at sky force 10, the bright orange
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highlighting the dark night. hot spots all over the place. luckily, no one was hurt. coming back to me live right here on third street i want to show you what firefighters had to contend with. as you start to pan up you see some of the power lines they had to avoid and negotiate in order to attack these flames. the fire is now under control. one other thing to deal with, the storm drains were all clogged and there was a foot of water on the ground. the city arrived and remediated that. i'm live in chester, keetith jones, nbc 10 news. new details about a woman hit by a car. the car was one of the cruisers. nbc 10 asked police what led up to this accident. he is live outside the department. >> reporter: we found out the officers from the 24th and 25th district that helped the woman
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in this case. the philadelphia police want to know how this happened. the impact of the car hitting the woman knocked her out. sky force 10 shows you where philadelphia police say an officer backed a patrol car into a woman at a park. the accident closed off an area outside the library. >> like, wow. all the blood that i seen. >> reporter: police say that officers were in the area working on a separate investigation. an officer was driving in reverse when the car hit a woman behind it. officer took her to the hospital. after detectives finished collecting evidence, hoses washed off the sidewalk. >> i'm not going to comment on the investigation itself. that investigation might resume. >> i pray for her and the family and hope she makes it through.
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>> reporter: this woman lives across the street from the park. she saw the victim around the neighborhood. she said the park is a popular tape until the neighborhood. they cleaned it up a lot. it used to be a needle park and now it's somehow better. the kids are not finding a lot of stuff. they have a lot of patrols. >> reporter: the woman is in critical condition. live in north philly, nbc 10 news. a police is accused of shooting her husband in the groin during a domestic dispute. the shooting happened in the driveway of the home while the three children were inside. the husband was taken to the hospital and had surgery. police say the officer did not use her service gun in the shooting. no charges have been filed. brought down by a craving for fast food. the hunt for the facebook killer is over tonight. an alert worker in western
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pennsylvania took note of a customer at the drive through window. >> reporter: as steve stephens waited on his order. the site of his face caused a stall tactic. >> we were making sure she got in contact with the state police. and he didn't want to wait for fries. >> reporter: stephens sped off prompting a short chase. >> the unit's psp is behind a white ford fusion on buffalo road. >> reporter: cornered, stephens took his own life just after 11:00 a.m. >> the city in general would have had for steve. >> he's dead. >> reporter: questions that began in cleveland easter sunday as stephens told the world on facebook his ex-girlfriend prompted him to snap and kill at random. posting the chilling murder of
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74-year-old roberted to go wynn on his facebook page. godwin's family reacting to stephens' death. caught up in the after math, facebook accused of failing to take action. the stephens video was up for more than two hours before it was shut down. the ceo mark zuckerberg admitted there is a problem. >> we have a lot of work and will keep doing all we can to prevent tragedies like this from happening. >> reporter: the philadelphia police department is offering its own tribute to robert godwin. it was posted on facebook tonight along with a message for the public about how important it is to report information about crimes. you can read that message on nbc a montgomery county woman is wanted for an attempted kidnapping that started with a
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craigslist ad. she answered an ad from a man seek companionship. she went to the house with two men to try to kidnap him. he was able to get away and call 911. closing arguments begin tomorrow in the murder trial of eric frein, the prosecution rested its case this morning. frein's team did not present any evidence or call any witnesses. if convicted he could face the death penalty. two former delaware governors are the subject of a lawsuit. the prison guards who survived an 18-hour standoff gathered publicly to announce the lawsuit. it claims the former governors ignored recommendations to beef up staff at the prison after an earlier inmate uprising. >> you also charge that these policies were hidden from our
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elected representatives in the general assembly. they never knew what was going on. >> the family of the lieutenant who was killed in the standoff also attended the announcement. police in one jersey shore town need help finding a suspicious man tonight. he approached children twice in two days. the first incident happened last thursday. the man approached two girls as they walked home from school. they say he did the same thing to a boy playing in front of his home the next day. he was last seen in a light gold suv. this was the scene in camden today as neighbors came together to take a stand against gun violence. they marched five blocks to whitman park. police have seized or confiscated 800 guns since january.
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>> every legal gun we can get out of the hands of criminals means another kid can kiss their parent good night. new details on the plan to revive a west philadelphia neighborhood destroyed during the move bombing in may, 1985, the standoff between philadelphia police and move activists led to a booming and fire that killed a dozen people. the move group's headquarters was a house on osage avenue. 11 members were killed. now the philadelphia redevelopment authority is giving the green light to rehab 36 properties back into homes. the company selected to lead the project, the work is expected to be done within two years. gathered at the d.a.
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candidate forum in center city. focusing on topics on immigration. this is part of a group of -- here are all the candidates vying. seven democrats and one republican. the primary takes place may 16th. buy american, hire american. that is the theme of the latest executive order signed by president trump. the president talked about the order during a visit to a tool plant in wisconsin. he says the order will boost american hiring and federal contracting and protect americans from alleged visa abuses from foreign workers. it would require workers to show that visas are only going to the most highly skilled or highest paid applicants. >> the american people voted to end the theft of american prosperity and to bring back their jobs and to bring back their dreams into our our
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country. >> the bill aims to chip away at the h 1 b act that lets companies replace americans with lower wage foreign workers. but the president won't end the program. george h.w. bush is back in the hospital tonight. he has been admitted with a recurring case of pneumonia. the spokesperson says that the 92-year-old former president is okay and going to be great. he was hospitalized for 16 days in january for pneumonia. also tonight, dreading the draft. how the big event at the art museum is about to cause more headaches for drivers. a philly teacher is hoping for a biggest audience. the message he wants to take to the skies. the delaware lead whoever got quite a scare when a tree toppled on to his car. >> no worries with the forecast.
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upper 60s and low 70s. tonight we have a gorgeous night out there. we have clear skies and we're going to see temperatures in the 40s. but you notice a little bit of a wind chill going on there. we'll talk about cooler temperatures, clouds moving in, '80s once aga 80s once again and a chance of a thunderstorm ahead.
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a scare on the road for delaware attorney general matt denn today. these photos were taken after a tree fell on his car. denn and his son were in the car at the time. denn's son was taken to the hospital but he and his dad are okay tonight. >> now to the transformation of the art museum into the nfl draft. the construction is already causing headaches for drivers and in a matter of hours, police will be closing more streets. >> keith jones shows us more.
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>> reporter: crawling and boxed in by orange cones. now imagine walk miles just to see a view blocked by the back of the draft theater. >> we just found out today that the nfl draft is here and i'm assuming that's what it is. so we had no idea. >> both arms up. >> reporter: this family got the pic with rocky, the famous steps, not open. >> they have to settle for these steps because that monstrosity is blocking their way. once up top. >> reporter: if i jog up i wouldn't be talking right now. >> reporter: christian is visiting from washington, d.c. >> it is a shame. they could have chosen a better venue. >> i think it just kind of sucks because you can't see the view. >> reporter: the draft will shut down traffic. first there were small adjustments for drivers. tomorrow morning, it's the inner
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lanes of the parkway closed. now look at all that red, gridlock. when it's all said and done this is what the set up will look like when the three day festival kicks off next thursday. keith jones, nbc 10 news. and that next round starts at 6:00 a.m. we'll take you behind the scenes of all the action on the parkway. it ends sunday of next week. philadelphia teachers going the advertising route to get a new contract. we're going to show you the billboard along i-95 in march. the teacher has raised enough to fly a banner airplane over the draft. a school spokesman said in the
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past that the district will try to work out a contract for students first. a bill neighbor heiress of the main line is dead. she looked like an old school socialite. but she was a modern philanthropist. she is dead tonight at the age of 88. in bucks county, an eighth grader is giving back. she and her classmates boxed up 10,000 meals for people in need. they raised $2,000 to buy the ingredients. just hours from now, the old city neighborhood welcomes its newest attraction, the museum of the american revolution opens tomorrow with a ceremony that takes place all over the neighborhood. our morning team will have coverage of the event and if you missed our preview special you
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can watch it any time on turning now to first alert weather, a live look where the wind is blowing the flags. >> saw some beautiful sun out there today. >> it's good. >> now the clouds and rain are about to come back. tammy souza with your neighborhood forecast. >> stop it. stop with the rain and clouds and all that. let's just enjoy. was your sunset like this? >> i was in the office. >> i hope all of yours at home was. ray sends a drone up in the air and sends me the pictures. send me your pictures. gorgeous way to end the day, though. that's out of here. now we have more 80s on the way and a chance for rain. thunderstorms might move into the area thursday and friday. widely scattered if and when they happen. but with it come the warmth. that's the good part.
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80s on friday and 70s on thursday. the weekend is a mixed bag. sunshine on saturday and soggy and chilly and by chilly, blustery and maybe not even 60 on sunday. you know which day to make plans there on the weekend. be aware of all of that. doppler radar is sweeping the sky not getting anything out there. we have some returns, ground clutter out there. we have some storm systems that are coming out of the west that are going to make their way into the area bringing clouds in tomorrow and see the rain on thursday and friday. as far as temperatures, look at this. we have our flow coming on from the ocean. it's kept us cooler along the jersey shore today. but it is going to be one big flow of wind coming in our direction. yeah, we're going to get those by the time we get into thursday and friday. 51 in philly.
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very comfortable evening. in the mid and lower 40s tonight. we're looking for 44 and 45 degrees in philly. here's what we're looking at the onshore flow is going to continue tomorrow. we are going the see the clouds move in, a sprinkle in the lehigh valley tomorrow and the rain comes in thursday morning and we get a break thursday afternoon. but thursday night into friday morning, the wee hours of the morning, showers, maybe a thunderstorm lingering into very early on friday morning and there it is, the magical 80 that pops up. and showers scoot through on friday night and into saturday. here's a sneak peek at what to expect. 63 tomorrow. 76 on thursday with a chance of a shower or storm. 80 on friday. 65, my pick day for the weekend on saturday and only 58 with a
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chance of showers on your sunday. >> the philly fanatic proves he is not afraid to get his hands dirty.
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getting fast and furious down in old city with the screening of "the fate of the furious." check it out. three of the cars featured in the movie were on hand. the philly fanatic is getting his hands dirty as part of a school composting program. discarded food from the philly clubhouses was brought to the school's farm. the phillies need to pile up wins tonight.
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>> you have it going on tonight. carson wentz said his goal is to win the division next season. a teammate has high praise for him today. will a lack of hustle cost the phillies or is there redemption? that is next.
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i'm john clark from csn. how about another series in new york tonight. phillies start quick. in the first. first homer of the year. the phillies up 1-0. in the eighth. he doesn't run it out. he's watching. reyes is going to drop the ball
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into fair territory. he is stuck at first base because of this. doesn't run it out. when it is dropped he is only at first. he should be at second. cameron rupp reaches third base. blanco drills one. but hold up. the replay is going to show it's a ground rule double. so because he was only on first he doesn't score. so he has to go back out to third, a bit of a walk of shame here. that lack of hustle cost the go-ahead run there. but redemption in the tenth inning. a single to center. tommy joseph comes around and beats the throw. four runs in the tenth and they finally beat the mets 6-2. free freddy. howie kendrick is on the disabled list with an abdominal
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strain. starter clay buchholz had surgery today. he is going to be out four to six months. basically his season is over. the phillies have the second youngest rotation in baseball now. the nfl schedule will be released on thursday at 8:00. now you remember carson wentz said that 7-9 is not good enough. he said his goal is to win the division. his teammates that spoke today, they agree. and jordan hicks sees greatness in carson. >> i think carson could be, you know, one of the best quarterbacks in this league, you know, and i think the way to build around him put those weapons with him and you know, let them do their thing. you know, carson is a great quarterback. he's got everything you need to be a great quarterback. so you know, i'm excited to see
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where the offense goes this year. >> they have a lot of confidence in their young quarterback. i'm john clark. we're right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, payment, withdrawal, or transfer each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking
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